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if the container is selected as a building material


Container house

When it comes to the buildings around the farm, most of them are temporary buildings.

The active board houses are the choice of most people,

and the living experience is generally the same.

However, if the container is selected as a building material,

the comfort of the environment will be greatly improved,

and it can even be used as a permanent building.

Since it is a farm, there is one thing that can be confirmed - how big it is

and how it can be built can be done according to the inner thoughts.

After all, the place is its own, and how to come is how to come.

So get rid of the limitation of the area, multiple containers are spliced together, just to create a spacious and comfortable livable place.

Constructed from three 40-foot-high containers,

the house has a huge roof to prevent the interior of the container

from being exposed to direct sunlight.

The house has an indoor environment and an open platform in front of the door.

stand up.

The indoor environment is spacious and the three containers are just divided into a living room,

an aisle and a kitchen.

White is the base color of the wall,

and the floor is laid by solid wood.

The overall color is bright and the layout is beautiful.

The simple design has a high-end residential experience.

Coming in from the living room aisle is a separate bedroom and bathroom.

Even in the more intimate space,

I still don't forget to add a few windows to view the scenery.

It really is that the scenery of the farm is really very yearning.

Whether you are in any corner of the house,

you can feel the high-end decoration always runs through.