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Resident of the project department of Weifang Binhai Economic


Resident of the project department of Weifang Binhai Economic

and Technological Development Zone, China Railway Fourth Bureau

    The project manager department of Weifang Binhai Economic and

Technological Development Zone of China Railway Fourth Bureau is located in Haining Street,

Binhai Economic and Technological Development Zone,Weifang, Shandong Province.

The project site adopts low-carbon assembled buildings

that have gradually emerged in China in recent years.

High-strength bolts connect 122 containers and form a three-story white building

with a “back” layout, which has good wind, earthquake and fire resistance.

Easy to disassemble and transport, it can be fully recycled.

     The project is surrounded by trees, basketball courts, parking lots, etc.

The interior layout of the nearly 2,200 square meters project is simple and reasonable,

and the structure is patchy.

It is divided into three functional areas: office, living and activity according to the function.

And unique and novel decoration design, with modern minimalism, intelligent technology,

comfortable and environmentally friendly unique style, to create a functional,

warm and comfortable office living environment.

Corporate culture wall

Hard hat wall

Large conference room - Qinyuan Spring

Small meeting room on the second floor - Qingping

Small meeting room on the first floor - Yi Qin

      In order to let employees have a good working and living environment,

the project department started from the details.

The styles and styles of office furniture in each office are individually customized,

novel and unique; the staff is equipped with double-standard, three-person standard dormitory,

single bed, bedside table, wardrobe, hangers, shoe cabinets, green plants for purifying the air.

special washroom, shower room 24h hot water supply.

Employee office

Shower room  

wash room

Dormitory signage

staff dorm

In order to further improve the employee happiness index, the project department

has set up a basketball court,brainstorming room, creative studio, indoor

and outdoor fitness area, fitness equipment such as horizontal bar, parallel bars, ladders,

leg presses, etc., and will gradually configure billiards and table tennis.

treadmills and other facilities.

A variety of leisure and entertainment venues and facilities

allow everyone to enjoy a relaxing moment while at work.

Brainstorming Room - Xijiangyue

Sunshine Conference Room - Dielianhua

Full coverage of WiFi network

Book corner


Open air balcony

Simple and generous wall

Huizhou solar small lamp

Green plants in the garden

Fitness Equipment

Distribution Cabinet

Basketball court

Weifang Project Department is committed to integrating the “Happiness Project Department”

with “Standardization Construction” to provide a warm

and comfortable home for the project staff.

At the same time, environmental protection innovation,

novel and comfortable project construction also highlights the excellent corporate

culture of China Railway Fourth Bureau. And brand image.

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